Week 2: Marbled Clay Dish

This past week’s project was to make these beautiful clay dishes. They are supposed to be for holding rings, according to the blog that posted the instructions for making them, but of course they could hold anything that’s kind of small and loose. I don’t own many rings so I’ll probably use mine for earrings, coins, that sort of thing. My friends Alexa and Adrienne came over and made some as well. We’re happy with how well they turned out!

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After a much more extended hiatus than I would have liked, I’m starting this back up again. I managed to survive the scheduling nightmare that was working full time while also taking two summer classes. One of my classes, calculus, was online and was just a 6-week class (rather than the usual school year length of closer to 14 or 15 weeks), so it moved at a very fast pace. I’m not exaggerating when I say that nearly any time when I wasn’t sleeping, eating, or at work, I was trying to watch videos and do homework for the class.

Of course I did allow myself breaks now and then, in an effort to maintain my sanity. Here are some pictures from the past couple weeks, including some at the end from the 4th of July weekend.

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Moving forward I just have one class to worry about. This one meets once per week, and it moves at a slower pace since it lasts for the whole summer. In other words, it should be far more manageable.

Week 1

fsfitzgerald summerLast weekend marked the start of my first mini-project, which I guess isn’t as well-defined as some of my ideas for future projects… But essentially, my focus this past week was getting settled into routines and habits that I would like to cultivate throughout the summer, particularly in relation to health. Between working a full-time internship and taking two classes, my hours during the week are pretty busy, so I want to be intentional about making healthy lifestyle choices. Otherwise, it’d be too easy to skip a run or grab take out on the way from work to my evening class.

Plus, though I also lived out here (in the Boston area) last summer, I was working at a cafe five days a week — usually on the 6:15am-2pm shift. So I’m already enjoying having a more regular schedule, with normal, predictable hours, because with that I also have more flexibility overall.

Regarding food, I’ve brought back a couple favorites from last summer (like overnight oats!) but I also have already tried out two new recipes this summer: crockpot chicken and cauliflower ‘rice.’ Both fit my basic criteria: they’re healthy, easy to make, and taste good when reheated later (important as I’m making them in bulk and then taking them into work for lunch).

I have also started training for a half-marathon that I’ll run in November. I picked a longer training plan so I could start it now, as it provides both structure and variation from my usual runs. Hopefully in the coming week I’ll mix in some yoga as well – more on that in a different post.

Some other highlights:

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As summer 2016 quickly approaches, I’ve been working on getting all the various pieces in order: I got a marketing internship with Sqrrl, a cybersecurity company. I figured out where I would be living: subletting from a friend at a house right next to campus. A couple weeks ago, I filed the official paperwork to add a second major — Computer Science (!) — and in order to pursue that new path in my life, I signed up for a couple summer classes. Undoubtedly, it’ll be a busy summer, although in a very different way than last summer when I was balancing my time between an unpaid internship and morning shifts at a cafe.

During the school year, I always think of things that I would like to do/try/learn about/etc., but I never end up doing them because, well, it’s the school year. So I had an idea for this summer: take on a learning-centric mini-project each week, and document it on this blog. In all honesty this is probably a pretty lofty goal, but I figured it would be better to start there because I could easily scale back if it gets to be too much. For now, I’ll take it week by week; if one week gets particularly busy, I’ll just extend that week’s project. Some of the projects are meant to start new habits or hobbies that will stretch throughout the summer, some will intentionally be one time experiences. Week 1 will (most likely) start on May 29th, and I plan on posting an update at the end of each week, so check back around June 5th — or sign up to get emails when I publish new posts!