After a much more extended hiatus than I would have liked, I’m starting this back up again. I managed to survive the scheduling nightmare that was working full time while also taking two summer classes. One of my classes, calculus, was online and was just a 6-week class (rather than the usual school year length of closer to 14 or 15 weeks), so it moved at a very fast pace. I’m not exaggerating when I say that nearly any time when I wasn’t sleeping, eating, or at work, I was trying to watch videos and do homework for the class.

Of course I did allow myself breaks now and then, in an effort to maintain my sanity. Here are some pictures from the past couple weeks, including some at the end from the 4th of July weekend.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Moving forward I just have one class to worry about. This one meets once per week, and it moves at a slower pace since it lasts for the whole summer. In other words, it should be far more manageable.


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