Week 1

fsfitzgerald summerLast weekend marked the start of my first mini-project, which I guess isn’t as well-defined as some of my ideas for future projects… But essentially, my focus this past week was getting settled into routines and habits that I would like to cultivate throughout the summer, particularly in relation to health. Between working a full-time internship and taking two classes, my hours during the week are pretty busy, so I want to be intentional about making healthy lifestyle choices. Otherwise, it’d be too easy to skip a run or grab take out on the way from work to my evening class.

Plus, though I also lived out here (in the Boston area) last summer, I was working at a cafe five days a week — usually on the 6:15am-2pm shift. So I’m already enjoying having a more regular schedule, with normal, predictable hours, because with that I also have more flexibility overall.

Regarding food, I’ve brought back a couple favorites from last summer (like overnight oats!) but I also have already tried out two new recipes this summer: crockpot chicken and cauliflower ‘rice.’ Both fit my basic criteria: they’re healthy, easy to make, and taste good when reheated later (important as I’m making them in bulk and then taking them into work for lunch).

I have also started training for a half-marathon that I’ll run in November. I picked a longer training plan so I could start it now, as it provides both structure and variation from my usual runs. Hopefully in the coming week I’ll mix in some yoga as well – more on that in a different post.

Some other highlights:

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