As summer 2016 quickly approaches, I’ve been working on getting all the various pieces in order: I got a marketing internship with Sqrrl, a cybersecurity company. I figured out where I would be living: subletting from a friend at a house right next to campus. A couple weeks ago, I filed the official paperwork to add a second major — Computer Science (!) — and in order to pursue that new path in my life, I signed up for a couple summer classes. Undoubtedly, it’ll be a busy summer, although in a very different way than last summer when I was balancing my time between an unpaid internship and morning shifts at a cafe.

During the school year, I always think of things that I would like to do/try/learn about/etc., but I never end up doing them because, well, it’s the school year. So I had an idea for this summer: take on a learning-centric mini-project each week, and document it on this blog. In all honesty this is probably a pretty lofty goal, but I figured it would be better to start there because I could easily scale back if it gets to be too much. For now, I’ll take it week by week; if one week gets particularly busy, I’ll just extend that week’s project. Some of the projects are meant to start new habits or hobbies that will stretch throughout the summer, some will intentionally be one time experiences. Week 1 will (most likely) start on May 29th, and I plan on posting an update at the end of each week, so check back around June 5th — or sign up to get emails when I publish new posts!


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