From Mostar to Medford

I have decided where I will be going to school for the next four years… Tufts University! I couldn’t be happier. And as it has settled in, the more excited I have become.

How, might you ask, did I choose? It ultimately boiled down to one key thing: the community. The final few schools that I was considering were comparable in terms of quality of academics, reputation, etc. So Tufts stood out because it wasn’t a perfect bubble. It offers what I appreciate about UWC – a community of students that is simultaneously closely-knit and not isolated from the rest of the world. At Tufts I’ll be within walking distance of Davis Square, and since we’re just outside of Boston, there’s sure be to be incredible community service and internship opportunities.

By the way, Tufts’ mascot is Jumbo, an elephant. Which makes me and the rest of the Class of 2018 “Baby Jumbos,” also known as the cutest nickname for incoming freshmen ever.


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