MUNiM 2014

One of the activities that I’ve been the most involved in while at UWC is Model United Nations. This year, I was one of the leaders of our MUN CAS (an IB abbreviation for clubs). We decided when the year started that we wanted to take our school’s annual MUN Conference to the next level, doing things like creating an organization team, increasing our online presence (check out our beautiful website), and adding two new program areas (Press and the International Court of Justice). We even decided on an official name for the conference: Model United Nations in Mostar, or MUNiM.

My position within our organization team was called Head of Delegate Support. Our preparation started before Winter Break, and during the months leading up to the conference I had to create the official Rules of Procedure, guides for everything from starting research to finalizing resolutions, and more. Basically, anything that was needed to help the delegates of the conference fell under my responsibility. It was a lot of work, but I enjoyed that I got to have such a hands-on position in the creation of MUNiM 2014. Plus, many of the materials I made will be used in future conferences, so that’s pretty cool too.

So finally, after months of preparation, MUNiM 2014 arrived for the weekend of March 27-30. We were supposed to have some delegates arriving from the Atlantic UWC (in Wales) but they had to pull out right before the conference, which meant literally two days before it started, I was assigned to represent Germany in the Security Council. In addition to that stress, the days leading up to the conference were also when I was supposed to find out the rest of my college admissions decisions. Awesome.

But everything went well in the end! The High Representative in BiH, Valentin Inzko, spoke at our Opening Ceremony which is a pretty huge deal if you don’t know who he is. [Basically he represents the International Community and has final authority on most everything in the country, a power which isn’t used too often but does exist.] I got to sit right behind him, meaning that a super-flattering picture of me was featured in a news article about our conference.

valentin inzko and me
Oh hey there…

We made a music video for the conference to the song “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. Fast forward to 2:58 to see some wicked dance moves by yours truly.

And we managed to take some cute pictures together while we were all dressed up for once.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All in all, it went just about as good as we could’ve hoped… Perhaps even better than that. I hope that all the work of this year has created a solid foundation for next year and following years to make the conference into something high-quality that our UWC is known for in the region.


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