Just what the doctor ordered…

Last weekend was our “Spring Break,” a four-day break that was also the last one until school finishes. Over the weekend, on March 1, was the BiH Independence Day as celebrated by the Federation. The Republika Srpska celebrates it in January, because this is Bosnia and that’s just how things go currently.

Regardless, it didn’t really matter because my Belgian friend Amber (check out her blog!) and I went to Dubrovnik, a beautiful coastal city in the south of Croatia. I desperately needed time to focus only on my physics lab reports – the deadline was immediately after break, and I had barely started any of the four I needed to complete. Amber, on the other hand, wanted to start studying for the final exams of math. So, we decided to rid ourselves of the distractions and monotony of Mostar, and hop on a bus to go 3 hours south.

It was the perfect decision, just what the doctor ordered as the expression goes. The fresh air of the sea and the calming sound of the waves, a new place to work in with no one around to disturb us. There was even a blessing in disguise – the internet of the apartment we rented wasn’t working. This meant that we ended up being very productive whenever we were in the apartment, because there weren’t things like Facebook, GoogleNews, streaming TV shows, etc. to distract us. We bought groceries so that we could cook all of our meals, and we tried to time our breaks with good weather as much as possible. Our apartment was in the center of Old Town, which also really helped maximize our break time.

By the time we left, I had just about finished my labs, Amber had made progress in her math book, and we had explored quite a bit of the Old Town, all while managing to eat and sleep well throughout the weekend. So it was pretty much as perfect as I could’ve hoped.


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