Winter Break: Prague

As I left Berlin, I decided not to let all my schoolwork hold me back anymore. I was on break, so I would take a break, and no one was going to stop me!

Oh, if only it was that easy. In reality though, I did make a decision kind of like this. I was looking at how little time I had left to travel and enjoy this time that was just for myself, and thinking about how lucky and grateful I am to have the opportunity to travel solo through Europe as a 19 year old, and putting all this together I realized that I needed to stop worrying and just take advantage of the moment. With this thought process in mind, all the second-guessing and stress that had plagued my time in Berlin disappeared when I arrived in Prague.

And what a good decision that turned out to be! Prague is, without doubt, one of the most beautiful cities I have ever visited. Don’t get me wrong, whenever I’m sharing travel stories with someone and they ask me, “What’s your favorite place out of where you’ve been?” I never know how to answer, because I appreciate each place for what it is. Comparing different places is like comparing apples and oranges (sorry for the cliche). Yes, they’re both fruits, but they are so different from each other that it doesn’t make sense to talk about them the same way.

Anyway, Prague is incredibly picturesque. Illustrators of fairy tales must have been inspired by the city. One of my favorite things to photograph is architecture, so it was a dreamworld.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I arrived in the evening, so I decided to just grab dinner and then stay in for the night to get some sleep. The next morning, I went on a walking tour of the city, which was perfect because I was able to orient myself and learn some historical tidbits from a great tour guide. After exploring more during the afternoon, that evening I had an incredible dinner at a place called Cafe Lounge. Delicious pumpkin ravioli, followed by a cappuccino and some of the best cheesecake I’ve ever had… Just like in Berlin, TripAdvisor came through for me again. And though I thought the first day in a new city could not get any better, as I was walking back to the hostel there were fireworks! From what I managed to figure out, I think it was for Three Kings Day/Epiphany, a holiday we don’t have in the US.

fireworks for Three Kings Day I think

And this picture didn’t turn out too bad either:


The next two days were full of more lovely experiences like the first day. It was how traveling is supposed to be, particularly traveling alone. You get the chance to be selfish in a healthy way. I wrote about this already in the post about Berlin, but it’s just so true. It’s really nice to just focus on yourself and your own well-being for a bit. Each minute becomes more alive as I observe glimpses of the little things that make the tediousness of daily life beautiful, catching moments that I would otherwise miss.



It was the perfect end to an all-around amazing Winter Break in Europe.



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