“Part-celebratory, part-bittersweet”

Each year, the last week before Winter Break is pretty wonderful in a part-celebratory part-bittersweet way. Usually by that point, we’ve finished our exams for the semester, and not much happens in class because there’s not enough time to learn new information well enough so that we won’t forget it over break. Which means even though we’re still physically going to class, there’s not much to do. But as fun as that is, it is a little sad as well. This means that us second years are three-fourths finished with UWC. As much as we revel in the idea of finishing IB, it also means graduating, and leaving… You can see how a downward spiral into unhappy things is pretty easy this time of year.

Anyway, that week is also when the Winter Arts Festival happens, a series of wonderful events celebrating the artistic talent at our school. Here’s this year’s program (the background painting was done by my roomie!):


On Tuesday evening we had the Winter Gala, a semi-formal dinner/reflection time/dance. It’s always a beautiful evening, particularly because it is so special. We hardly ever have a reason to dress up nicely for an event in Mostar, but for one night everybody cleans up, and its really fun to see people in that different way. But the highlight of the night for me is the reflection time, when anybody can go on stage, grab the microphone, and say something about the semester. Often, people say what they are grateful for, or how they’ve changed or their perception has changed during the semester, and there’s always some second years that get emotional as well. Check out a gallery of pictures from the evening below.

Happy holidays from UWC Mostar!



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