OISMUN 2013 [Part 2]

The previous post covered the conference itself, but there was one part that I haven’t mentioned yet: the Closing Ceremony. This year, they went all out for the Closing Ceremony by renting the space where there is usually a light show for tourists at the Pyramids of Giza.

Yes, you read that right – the Closing Ceremony was held in front of the famous pyramids and Sphinx. It was so surreal, you’d almost think it was a green screen background or something; but it was real life and there we were, sitting with a view like this:

egypt 2-5The Closing Ceremony last year, in contrast, was held in their assembly hall (which isn’t all too shabby either, especially considering the complete lack of any space like it at our UWC, but that’s beside the point). During the ceremony, there were speeches by all the council chairs and co-chairs (which they kept more brief this year, thankfully) They also use the time to give awards for Best Delegates of each council, which I was honored to receive! Also in the collage below are pictures of Christina and I with Clara, our supervisor, and Derya (in the coral dress).

egypt 2-6

As you can tell from the pictures above, the ceremony was quite the fancy affair, so everyone was eager to take pictures. The beautiful backdrop didn’t hurt either!

egypt 2-7

above, clockwise from upper left corner: the three of us from UWC Mostar (Derya, myself, and Christina); Christina and I with the Secretary General of the conference Ismail; a wonderful girl I’ve been friends with since the last conference named Sarah; Christina and I being “serious” with the “Head of Accommodation,” Aly

egypt 2-8

above: family picture! from left – myself, Amina, Amina’s mother, Christina, Amina’s sister Fatima; Christina and I, hardly believing that we were just casually taking a picture with such a background

And finally from that evening, there was this incredible picture that I managed to capture:

egypt 2-9

Click here to read the third part about my trip to Egypt.


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