Bajram Break: my first trip traveling solo

In recognition of the Islamic holiday of Kurban Bajram, we get a few days off of school. For some students, this is a time to visit home and celebrate with family. But for other students, this becomes an ideal time to travel. Last year, I went to Vienna with my friends Anita and Amber. But this year, somehow everyone was busy! A lot of people ended up seeing family – either the student going home somewhere in Europe, or the family coming to Mostar. Anyway, I decided to use the opportunity to travel solo, which I had been considering doing for a while. I read many blog posts, searching for advice and guidance and trying to understand what I had gotten myself into with this plan. There were explanations of what to do when eating alone in a restaurant (not as horrible as it sounds!), how to be safe, and more.

My 8-day trip had a jam-packed itinerary. The main cities I visited were Zagreb, Croatia, and Venice, Italy, with a super short stop at the UWC Adriatic along the way. Here’s a map tracing the journey.

bajram journey map

The letters are a bit confusing, because Zagreb and Mostar were listed twice. Still, it gives an overview of the journey, and you can see that I was mostly on the bus, with a few train rides as well.

With travel, there are times when writing helps to convey the story. But on this trip I had my camera around my neck the whole time, so I’m going to stick with the old adage “A picture is worth a thousand words,” and just post series of photographs. They won’t tell the full story of the entire trip, but they will be representative of important parts of it.


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