Introduction Week 2013: Part 2

Following the Susac-Musala rugby competition on Sunday (Aug. 25th), which is where the previous post left off, the second part of Introduction Week had much more of a school preparation feeling to it. This included:

  • meetings about subject choices for first years and the college application process for second years
  • brief lesson on BiH history followed by an ethnic dialogue session, where students from the three ethnic groups and internationals come together to talk about different ethnicity-related issues
  • CAS Fair, where all the different CASes were presented to the first years (CAS stands for Creativity Action Service; basically the IB version of extra-curriculars)
  • picking up school supplies
  • session about the Code of Conduct

But there were still moments of fun social time as well! Due to the weather, the Cultural Evening was moved a day earlier than it was supposed to be. So what was actually a pretty well thought out activity ended up as a mixture of some people watching a Balkan movie and some people cooking and some people just hanging out. We were told we could dress in our national costumes if we wanted, which is always problematic for Americans because we don’t really have one… But we usually find a way improvise and make it work. In this case, Rhea and I wore our comfy American things like college sweatshirts and colorful sport shorts. On the left below, Rhea and I are with Parker, the first year from Michigan, and on the right, I’m with Hannah, one of two first years from New Mexico.

cultural evening 1

While not very many people actually wore their national costumes, Aurelia did, and she put together a unique one. She is part Chinese, part German, so she wore part of each country! The red vest is one piece of the traditional costume for Germans, and the dress is Chinese.


The following evening, we hiked up to “the cross.” Mostar is basically in a valley, as it is surrounded by mountains (hills?). Someone put a giant cross (which you can always see no matter where you are in the city) on one of these mountains, which is actually sort of a terrible thing considering Mostar’s war history… But anyway, it is possible to hike up to this cross, and it’s definitely worth it. The view is incredible! Check out the gallery below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We had a pajama-themed party near the end of the week, where Si-Jull, who likes to produce his own music mixes, got to play his music.

pj party

And finally, following tradition, we went to Kravice Waterfalls on the Sunday before school started. A beautiful day full of swimming, climbing, exploring, laughing, reminiscing, talking, playing, and of course taking pictures.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Our trip to Kravice last year sort of marked the beginning of my friendship with Anita. We had been hanging out here and there during Introduction Week, but we spent the whole day together at Kravice. So we decided to remake a favorite picture of us from last year.

Kravice 2012-2013

It was the perfect way to end a quality Introduction Week!


One thought on “Introduction Week 2013: Part 2

  1. Tim Wedge September 11, 2013 / 10:17 pm

    Thank you very much Erika for the pictures and really for the blog. Parker is certainly not one to take a ton of pictures. :) Please encourage him… lol…The blog is really nice and it is great to hear your thoughts and impressions of your experience. Have a great school year and enjoy your time there. Parker sure seems to love it there!

    The Wedge family

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