Introduction Week 2013: Part 1

I’ve been back in Mostar (!) for a little over a week now, and it’s been quite the busy week.

I arrived just before midnight on the 17th to a nearly empty Musala residence, where I’ll be living this year. After visiting with the few girls that were there, I was eager to get some rest after a full day of traveling. The next day, we went to Susac, which is where I lived last year and where the school had us store our things during the summer. We helped clean out the storage rooms and then took taxis to carry our things across town before beginning the process of unpacking.

I share a room with three other girls: Carme, from Spain, and Borjana and Ajsa, both from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Below there will be a picture of my area in the room, once it’s organized enough. As the year goes on, I’m sure it will be decorated more so it’s more homey.

The firsties mostly arrived on the 20th. It was so exciting to finally meet the American firsties that I had been messaging with over the summer! But for some reason, we have yet to get a picture of all six of us together… Well, Introduction Week really kicked off on the 21st. We’ve had a lot of mixers, games, and events so that people can mingle and start to learn their way around Mostar.

There was a “Cozy Evening” under the Old Bridge, which looked beautiful as always.


The next night was the Opening Ceremony, which was actually kind of emotional for two main reasons. Thinking back to our Opening Ceremony last year, and that from this point forwards, every experience is the last time we’ll get to have it. The UWC experience is so short – in one year, you go from being the newbies to being the seasoned veterans. Ugh – I need to save these bittersweet thoughts for graduation and just focus on the year ahead of me!

So, back to the Opening Ceremony. It consisted mostly of musical performances, speeches, and skits. I have to say, I definitely have some talented co-years! You can watch it in its entirety below.

Here are some pictures from the ceremony:

opening ceremony

And of course, there are other pictures from the evening as well.

opening ceremony 2

Anita, Aurelia, and I recreated a picture from last year’s Opening Ceremony that we love:


On the 23rd, we took a trip to Blagaj. Located about 20 or 30 minutes by driving from Mostar, the usual attraction is a beautiful old house next to a river that comes out of the base of a cliff (my dad and I visited this last April). While visiting that area was an option, the main reason we were there was to spend the day on the rocky shores of the Buna River. It was a beautiful sunny day, which was good because the water was ice cold! We manged to swim around and explore a bit, but only once we got over the initial pain and went numb… Sounds pleasant, right?! Haha… But in all seriousness, it was definitely a fun trip.


A few days later, on Sunday, we had the traditional Susac-Musala rugby competition. Musala had won the last three years in a row… Including last year when I was in Susac and we lost. Susac always wears white and Musala always wears red (or pink/orange/burgundy).

susac musala rugby

It was a close game (3-2), but in the end, Musala had their fourth consecutive win! Cue wild cheering.


Well, that about sums up some of the highlights of the first part of Introduction Week. After Part 2, school starts up again.

…This summer has really flown by.


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