Graduation and Prom: T minus one week

As the title suggests, the second years will be graduating in one week! The ceremony begins at 10:30am, and then that evening is Prom. I am one of four student members on the committee planning the Graduation Ceremony. Prom is a student organized event here, which means that we (the student members) were put in charge of planning Prom as well! Although it’s been a lot of work, it’s been enjoyable overall. I like these kinds of things; they remind me of being on Student Council back at MVHS, although there are some notable differences. For instance, all the speeches for Graduation Ceremony will be translated from English to local (Bosnian/Croatian/Serbian), and the translation will be projected on a screen behind the speakers.

Another difference is that Heineken is sponsoring our prom. Yes – you read that right – Heineken, the beer company, is giving us free beer for Prom. The story as I’ve heard it is that a rich Dutch man, who is connected to the school somehow, had a bit too much time and money on his hands. So he decided to contact someone he knows in the Eastern European branch of Heineken and arranged that they would donate three beers per student. So yeah, you could say that’s a bit of a difference from Mounds View’s Prom where you have to pass a breathalyzer test to get in the door. Of course there is the factor that the drinking age is 18 here, and I guess that’s a pretty relaxed law since I’ve never seen anyone asked for their ID when buying alcohol.

Or even cigarettes for that matter, which are also only legal over 18. Once at a convenience store I was in line behind a boy who must’ve been about 7 years old. He was buying candy and then proceeded to also buy a pack of cigarettes, which was totally one of those moments when it hits me that I’m most definitely not in the US. I imagine that his mom/dad told him that if he bought the pack for them, he could also buy some candy for himself, because 7 is too young to be smoking, right? Well anyways, I digress..

On another note, our UWC is the last one to graduate. When we found that out, my friends and I were joking that it’s just another example of this school running on “Mostar time.” Mostar time means that everything is basically guaranteed to start at least 5 minutes late. If you have a meeting with other students at 3pm, you can get there at 3:05 and count on it not really being an issue. School assembly is supposed to start at 8am? Just make sure you get there by 8:10!

A full list of when the various UWCs are graduating can be found here (some will even have live streams, if you’re interested).


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