American Dinner: Taco Night!

It’s fairly common at UWC that country mates will get together, often for dinner, but also for coffee or something, to just hang out and feel sort of at home or something for a little bit. These are aptly called “(name of nationality) (type of gathering),” ex. American Dinner.

In case I haven’t mentioned this before, there are currently five Americans at UWC Mostar: the first years are Rhea (California) and myself; the second years are Spencer (Louisiana), Colleen (Utah), and Liza (Oregon).

So the five of us decided to make tacos for American Dinner! Being the first food I’ve had in over four months that was even close to Mexican food, it was so delicious. It may have just been taco meat seasoning powder which is not very authentic to say the least, but since we don’t ever have flavors like that here, it really hit the spot.

taco night 1

taco night 2

taco night 3

taco night 5

taco night 4

taco night 6


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