Dad’s visit to Mostar

My dad came to visit me! He arrived on April 18th and left on the 23rd, so it was just a short trip, but it was still wonderful. It was so special to be able to show him what my average days are like here, but also see some places in BiH in a way I hadn’t before when we rented a car for a day.

With exams quickly approaching, his visit was a reminder of what’s waiting for me when I get home, and I was really thankful and grateful he could come.

dads visit 1

above: with my dad in Old Bank (my (orange) school in the background); seeing Rhea at the Children Festival; studying/relaxing in the park together

dads visit 2

above: Kravice Waterfalls; Vrapcici flea market; eating lamb near Jablanica

dads visit 3

above: we went out for dinner with Amber, Rhea, and Anita; my dad and I enjoying the patio area of our hotel


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