Rome: Days 0 and 1

In the US, March is basically synonymous with Spring Break for a lot of students. That week and a half or two weeks of either being cooped up in your house or going to some destination for vacation are an escape from school that nicely splits up the semester. Well, the UWC Mostar’s equivalent of Spring Break is Easter Break. It’s a bit shorter, but by taking a day off of school on either side of the break, Amber, Anita, and I managed to fit in a trip to Rome, Italy!

I figure that a picture is worth a thousand words, especially in this case when I don’t really think I need to give a play by play of visiting different tourist sites. It was the first time to Rome for all three of us, so we made it to almost all the famous locations. So, instead of writing a lot, I’ll just post a collection of pictures from each day of the trip.

Day 0 was traveling from Mostar to Split (Croatia) to catch a ferry to Ancona (Italy), followed by Day 1, taking the train from Ancona to Rome and then our first night in Rome, including the Trevi Fountain.

rome day 0 collage

rome day 1 train collage

rome day 1 trevi


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