Amina’s visit and the MUNiM conference

A few weekends ago was the MUN in Mostar (MUNiM) conference, organized and hosted by UWC. As I mentioned in a previous post, Quinten and I had been working on trying to find a way for Amina (my host sister in Cairo) to visit Mostar for our conference. Well, all the pieces managed to fall into place, and on Wednesday afternoon Amina arrived, along with two other students and a supervisor. The two other students were Donia, who’s Egyptian, and Derya, who’s originally from Turkey but her dad’s a diplomat so she’s been living in Egypt for the past three years. For the sake of simplicity, however, for the rest of the post I’ll just refer to the four of them as ‘the Egyptians’.
For the weekend, I stayed in the other residence so that I could be with the Egyptians. So when they arrived, we unpacked and settled in for a little bit, then went to a global awareness session. Global awareness is an assembly that we’re supposed to have once or twice a month that has presentations and discussion on a topic that holds importance and is currently being faced by the majority of the world. This session was on gender and sexuality, and also within that the portrayal of women in the media. Afterwards, Quinten, Colleen, the Egyptians and I went to Old Town. We walked around for a bit, got coffee, and then at 6 we met our MUN supervisor Dzenan for dinner at a restaurant that mostly serves traditional Bosnian food.
On Thursday, I was responsible for showing the Egyptians around, as the conference didn’t start until Friday. We started by going to Palma, my favorite place for cake and coffee that also serves burek. Burek is a food that can be eaten at any time of day and consists of a flaky pastry outside usually filled with cheese, meat, or potatoes. We all ordered the cheese one, called sirnica, and coffee and juice. After that, we went back to Old Town because they wanted to buy gifts for friends and family back home.
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday were the conference, which wasn’t too eventful. It was fun and there were activities each night, but I think because it was in Mostar, it didn’t feel as crazy and exciting as, say, the conference in Egypt. I was China in the Security Council (!) but I didn’t get to even veto anything because we had to pass a resolution for each topic. So instead the US delegate and I pretty much ran the council which was kinda funny. There were some issues with people not representing their countries well, but I guess that happens.
A highlight was that I won Best Speaker for Security Council! And Amina won Best Speaker in her council as well.
Overall, I just really enjoyed being able to show Amina around Mostar and spend more time with her. It’s wonderful to know that we have a lasting friendship, no matter what country we’re in!

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