Variety Show + sick (again)

On Monday, right after lunch, I went to get my residential visa placed in my passport! So I’m officially legally here in BiH now. Thank goodness.

Monday evening was the Variety Show. A tradition at UWC, at some point near the end of first semester, the second years put together a show about the first years, and then now in second term we get to make one about them. The shows are typically a combination of skits, songs, and dances that highlight funny things about each generation, from particulars about various nationalities (like the Dutchie Dinners), to relationships, to even the teachers for that generation. It’s a bit of a complicated dynamic – we tease the other generation, and try to get revenge for being teased back in December, but we do it out of love :) The shows end with a song with the whole generation on stage, and it tends to be a bit emotional, in a good way!

Anyways, our show (organized by the first years, about the second years) went very well! As I was in Egypt and trying to get caught up after returning when all the plans were being made about the show, I decided to just take a step back and not worry about being too involved, which meant that I was only in a short link between skits where I was Colleen (a second year American), going hitchhiking with one of the other American second years, Liza. The rest of the time I was filming – the school had three cameras for us to use, so now one of the firsties is editing all the footage together and I’ll post the video when it’s done. The downside of filming was that I couldn’t take any pictures… So you’ll have to wait for the video!

However, as Monday evening came to a close and the adrenaline rush of excitement started to fade, I realized how sick I was starting to feel. This led to me staying home from school on Tuesday. And Wednesday. And Thursday. And now today. Thankfully, I’m starting to feel more alive today. I have more energy but the cough that I’ve had literally all semester hasn’t gone away. On Wednesday, I went to the doctor third visit this semester), and they gave me allergy medication (basically the same thing as Claritin) that I’m supposed to take for three days, thinking maybe I’m allergic to dust or mold. If it doesn’t do anything, then I’m supposed to go back in, and they will likely do x-rays.

It’s frustrating being sick here, because Maja (the housemom) has to translate everything for me while communicating with the doctor. Plus, being cooped up in the residence isn’t the most enjoyable thing either. But if this time is like each other time I was sick during the first half of the term, I’ll feel better in the next 2 days or so and then I should be healthy (except a cough) for about 2 weeks.

In other news, it snowed last night! Well more like there was a dusting of snow… And most melted by the afternoon… But still. Reminded me of the crazy mood swings that are almost expected in Minnesotan weather.

snow mostar 3.15.13


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